Aquariva is a Singapore-based boutique label that embodies the timeless elegance of the iconic Riviera style.

Founded in 2014 by Louise Evans, Aquariva is known for its clean lines and soft curves, lavished with our seasonal favourite prints. Crafted from the finest fabrics our range both enhances and celebrates the female form. At all times we aim to convey an effortless charm, a result of our commitment to always ensuring our pieces are cut in elegant yet relaxed proportions.

Each design and print in the exclusive collection are handmade to the highest quality in a small, ethical and family-run factory in Bali.  Aquariva is also proud to tell you that we continue to use traditional screen printing for all our prints. They are all lovingly done by hand, each colour is a stencil and hand painted in by our amazingly talented print staff. We then use the sun to dry the fabrics and no machines are used. A lot of love has gone into the Aquariva piece that you wear!

Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] - we’d love to hear from you.